Why Cryptocurrencies Will Explode in 2018

Let’s take a look at a few things here about cryptocurrency and all the hype.

Knowing it not enough, you must apply

Bruce Lee once said “Knowing it not enough, you must apply”. If we take a look at the ATHs of the main coins BTC ETH LTC and so on, it’s clear to say that the media hype around that time was absolutely massive, everywhere you turned you saw BTC, BITCOIN, crypto, become a millionaire overnight, buy lambos blah blah blah, so everyone rushed to buy crypto, people sold everything they owned, house, cars jewelry pets and even the wife, people spent all their life savings and now look… They bought in on the highs, coins started dropping, people started panicking, they sold on the lows, they messed up big time, dreams shattered, no lambos, no swimming pools, damn not even a house to live in anymore.


Then there’s those who are hanging in there, waiting for that moon, waiting for that next galaxy. People who made their millions were in from the start, they were also waiting for that moon, that next galaxy, that lambo, that 7th holiday home with an ocean as the front yard, then they got it, they waited patiently, they had faith, they hung in there and they made those millions.

Now it’s not all bad right now, in fact, it’s still early days, let’s get back to knowing is not enough.


The first stage of crypto growth was knowing. The media pumped the hell out of cryptocurrencies like no man’s business, now the hype is gone, along with many peoples dreams, but wait, you must apply.

Now everyone knows about crypto, from your mate dave down the road to your brothers mates nan in the amazon rainforest, the next step will come into play… Mass adoption.

Mass Adoption

Soon enough, you will be able to spend cryptocurrencies absolutely everywhere, your local shop for your bread and milk, Walmart for your overpriced black friday television, and even for that special late night massage session while your wife is away ?.

The thing is, it’s still early days, prices are volatile, people are day trading the hell out of coins, people are scare AF so sell on the first sign of a dip and the elite are doing everything in their power to try and remain in control of the world, which of course is done by paper money printed with fancy pictures.

Cryptocurrency is the future and you shouldn’t be scared of it, you should be excited AF that you are here today to experience something so spectacular which is going to shape the world for the better.

I therefore believe with the utmost confidence that 2018 will see some amazing new highs for crypto and people all over twitter will be posting pictures of brand spanking new helicopters and private jets, because lambos are just crap ?.

Research other coins, there are much more than Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and that other one, do search for altcoins and see what’s about, there’s plenty for the picking, oh, and ICOs, they can be very lucrative, and can also take your money and run, that’s an article for another day.

Education is key, if you know what you’re doing it makes everything seem easy, you just got go out and do it.