Bitmain Now Selling The Defunt Antminer D3 17GH

Bitmain, known for flooding the market with ASIC miners that now give you a ROI of a lifetime.

Antminer D3 17GH Bitmain
Antminer D3 17GH

WTF is going on? They now have their defunt ASIC Dash miner the Antminer D3 back in stock for $550 USD and that’s not including a power supply, postage costs and likely import duties.

If you are not familiar with this miner, it will basically give you a whopping monthly profit of about $7.60 USD, yeah you read that right, that’s of today’s date Sat 10th of March 2018.

As you can see in the image above from, the ginormous profits you can get every month should get you a lambo in no time. So unless we are missing something, you would get a ROI in about NEVER.

With the current state of the Cryptocurrency market, ASIC miners are becoming less profitable by the day and is a common excuse used by people releasing shitcoins promising to give life to your old miners, but the D3 isn’t one, yet.

It is rumoured that Bitmain are working on a powerful Ethereum miner which is meant to have the ability to give you killer profits, let’s hope it becomes available long before the possible POS update, or it will just be a very expensive paperweight.