Why Cryptocurrencies Will Explode in 2018

Let’s take a look at a few things here about cryptocurrency and all the hype.

Knowing it not enough, you must apply

Bruce Lee once said “Knowing it not enough, you must apply”. If we take a look at the ATHs of the main coins BTC ETH LTC and so on, it’s clear to say that the media hype around that time was absolutely massive, everywhere you turned you saw BTC, BITCOIN, crypto, become a millionaire overnight, buy lambos blah blah blah, so everyone rushed to buy crypto, people sold everything they owned, house, cars jewelry pets and even the wife, people spent all their life savings and now look… They bought in on the highs, coins started dropping, people started panicking, they sold on the lows, they messed up big time, dreams shattered, no lambos, no swimming pools, damn not even a house to live in anymore.


Then there’s those who are hanging in there, waiting for that moon, waiting for that next galaxy. People who made their millions were in from the start, they were also waiting for that moon, that next galaxy, that lambo, that 7th holiday home with an ocean as the front yard, then they got it, they waited patiently, they had faith, they hung in there and they made those millions.

Now it’s not all bad right now, in fact, it’s still early days, let’s get back to knowing is not enough.


The first stage of crypto growth was knowing. The media pumped the hell out of cryptocurrencies like no man’s business, now the hype is gone, along with many peoples dreams, but wait, you must apply.

Now everyone knows about crypto, from your mate dave down the road to your brothers mates nan in the amazon rainforest, the next step will come into play… Mass adoption.

Mass Adoption

Soon enough, you will be able to spend cryptocurrencies absolutely everywhere, your local shop for your bread and milk, Walmart for your overpriced black friday television, and even for that special late night massage session while your wife is away ?.

The thing is, it’s still early days, prices are volatile, people are day trading the hell out of coins, people are scare AF so sell on the first sign of a dip and the elite are doing everything in their power to try and remain in control of the world, which of course is done by paper money printed with fancy pictures.

Cryptocurrency is the future and you shouldn’t be scared of it, you should be excited AF that you are here today to experience something so spectacular which is going to shape the world for the better.

I therefore believe with the utmost confidence that 2018 will see some amazing new highs for crypto and people all over twitter will be posting pictures of brand spanking new helicopters and private jets, because lambos are just crap ?.

Research other coins, there are much more than Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and that other one, do search for altcoins and see what’s about, there’s plenty for the picking, oh, and ICOs, they can be very lucrative, and can also take your money and run, that’s an article for another day.

Education is key, if you know what you’re doing it makes everything seem easy, you just got go out and do it.

Litecoin Will Pass The Moon and Take You To the Next Galaxy

LITECOIN: For quite some time Bitcoin reigned alone in the cryptocurrency world after its launch in 2009, and though a revolutionary creation, there were some in the industry that saw a few problems with it while others weren’t comfortable being under an absolute monopoly in this brave new world.

A little after two years of the release of Bitcoin, [cryptocompare id=”275″] came online. With the aim of solving some of the perceived problems that Bitcoin inherently has. On October 7 2011, former Google engineer Charlie Lee announced the release of Litecoin an alternative to Bitcoin which comes with a few tricks of its own to stand it apart from the long shadow of its big cousin.

What is Litecoin?

This is a decentralized virtual currency that was made on the same blockchain technology that Bitcoin is made from. It offers its users the ability to send money from peer-to-peer in an extremely fast, and semi-private way without the need of any traditional financial vehicles like Banks.

What Makes Litecoin Different from Bitcoin?

Litecoin from it concept was designed to have stark differences to Bitcoin, and it is also made to make transactions more efficient than what Bitcoin offered. Some of the major differences between the cryptocurrencies include;

  • Coin Cap: One of the first differences to notice between the two cryptocurrencies is their total number of possible coins. Although Bitcoin and Litecoin all recognize the importance of having a limited supply in driving up value, each has taken quite a different turn in the number of coins that will eventually be available on the network. Bitcoin is the first to come into the industry came with a limit of 21 million coins to be ever created on its blockchain. When Litecoin came online it offered its users a larger possibility of getting the coin as it pegs its coin limit to 84 million coins.
  • Speed of Transaction: One of the biggest points of criticism that Bitcoin perennially suffers from is the fact that it can be very cumbersome to deal with. Transactions are just not fast enough to go through and anyone making micropayments with little fees attached to them will have to wait a bit longer to have their transactions cleared. Litecoin has been designed to be at least four times faster in generating new blocks than Bitcoin. While it takes Bitcoin up to 10 minutes to generate a fresh block, Litecoin only takes 2 and a half minutes to create one. And as such, it is just faster to have your transaction verified and added to the blockchain using Litecoin than it is with Bitcoin
  • Costs of Transaction: Another thing that Litecoin was conceived to solve among the problems that plague Bitcoin, is the apparently high fees Bitcoin miners continue to charge to verify transactions on the Blockchain. It has been often noted that it is sometimes uneconomical to send micropayments through Bitcoin as the fees charged are often times higher than the actual amount being sent. Bitcoin allows its miners to set their transaction fees for verifying payments which means if you need swift processing you have to increase the fees you are willing to pay. Litecoin, on the other hand, came with extremely cheap transaction fees which are often close to Zero. This makes it ideal for everyday transactions as well as sending small payments without fear of huge fees.

How to Get Litecoin?

There are two major ways of acquiring Litecoin. One is by creating your own mining rig getting into the mining end of it. Or you could simply buy from a Litecoin seller near you. Among the easiest ways of getting or buying Litecoin is through reputable exchanges that deal with it.

Exchanges work in different regions of the world with different modes of purchase. Some accept credit card payment while others strictly accept instant bank transfers to their accounts. Also, other variations could be the maximum amount of Litecoin you are allowed to buy in your first few transactions. Noting these subtle differences between the various exchanges, there are certain general steps that you could follow for every exchange in order to buy your first Litecoin

  • Navigate to the site of your chosen exchange, and look for the sign-up page. As no exchange will sell you any Litecoin as a “guest buyer”
  • Using the exchanged linked above will give you a bonus on your first deposit.
  • Fill in the necessary personal details including your names, date of birth and email address to conclude the
  • Open your mailbox and verify that you indeed signed up with it using the link provided in the confirmation mail.
  • Go back to the site, and look for your account settings page on your dashboard.
  • Check for payment means and choose the one that suits your best.
  • Some sites will demand you upload a government-issued photo ID for verification of your means of payment. Make sure you have one at hand.
  • Add your payment details, in case of Credit Card use the relevant address and other info with which the card was registered.
  • Finish verification, and once you are notified by your exchange that your profile has been approved you can go ahead and make your first Litecoin Purchase.

Keeping Your Litecoin Safe

Whenever you are making a Litecoin purchase from an exchange make sure you have your own offline Litecoin wallet ready that you will use to immediately transfer your purchase once the deal is done. It is always advisable to keep your Litecoin holdings away from your exchange wallet as previous experiences have shown that even the biggest exchanges can suddenly become bankrupt and go down with their user’s money.

You can either use a software wallet from a reputable wallet site like Electrum which you can install and save you Litecoin holding on your PC. Or if your Litecoin holdings are considerable you preferably should buy a highly secured hardware wallet to keep your Litecoin safe and away from sophisticated cybercriminals.

Future of Litecoin

Litecoin is among the very few altcoins that have a solid base as far being used as an alternative means of making payments is concerned. Since its creation, Litecoin has always downplayed its potential to upend Bitcoin as the go-to digital currency, but recent events have shown that such a future should not be entirely discounted. Bitcoin in the recent years has become too expensive and too slow for transactions. This puts Litecoin in the prime position to overrun the market where vendors and businesses are looking for an alternative to the ever scarce and not-so business-friendly bitcoin. With close to zero transaction fees, Litecoin’s future looks very bright indeed as it has a market worth tens of billions of dollars that is ripe for the picking.

Litecoin Price Prediction

The rate of adoption is increasing rapidly and has a die hard following. Litecoin is expected to reach over $1000 USD in 2018 alone. So forget the moon, Litecoin is going to the next galaxy and beyond.

Bitmain Now Selling The Defunt Antminer D3 17GH

Bitmain, known for flooding the market with ASIC miners that now give you a ROI of a lifetime.

Antminer D3 17GH Bitmain
Antminer D3 17GH

WTF is going on? They now have their defunt ASIC Dash miner the Antminer D3 back in stock for $550 USD and that’s not including a power supply, postage costs and likely import duties.

If you are not familiar with this miner, it will basically give you a whopping monthly profit of about $7.60 USD, yeah you read that right, that’s of today’s date Sat 10th of March 2018.


As you can see in the image above from CryptoCompare.com, the ginormous profits you can get every month should get you a lambo in no time. So unless we are missing something, you would get a ROI in about NEVER.

With the current state of the Cryptocurrency market, ASIC miners are becoming less profitable by the day and is a common excuse used by people releasing shitcoins promising to give life to your old miners, but the D3 isn’t one, yet.

It is rumoured that Bitmain are working on a powerful Ethereum miner which is meant to have the ability to give you killer profits, let’s hope it becomes available long before the possible POS update, or it will just be a very expensive paperweight.